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Impact of Brexit on the Professions

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The Europe and International Forum held a round table on 25 November 2016 to share views and responses to the outcome of the UK referendum on exiting the EU. Alistair Mackenzie from Parliament.uk provided a wealth of useful information sources to help members keep track of developments and opportunities to interact with parliamentarians. Claire Donovan of the Royal Academy of Engineering introduced the report Engineering a future outside the EU, which had been produced collaboratively by 38 organisations within the engineering community. A lively discussion followed. Work in-hand at PT [UKIPG/ Professions Together] member organisations included deep-dive research into the impact on specific sectors, public benefit and professional mobility.

One organisation reported on a longitudinal study into professionals from other EU countries choosing to work in the UK, whether they plan to establish here or return home, how those plans change over time and what influences them. Others described engagement with EU partners to develop proposals for common training frameworks under the MRPQ Directive. Participants identified opportunities to work together on issues such as the alert mechanism and use of the European Commission’s internal market information system. A representative from the single market centre at BEIS invited participants to contribute to stakeholder discussion on trading relationships with EU and other partners that could be affected, positively or negatively, by Brexit.

The Forum is seeking an expert in World Trade Organisation rules and opportunities associated with bi-lateral trade agreements as the theme for its next meeting.