Professions Together was formerly known as the UK Inter-Professional Group (UKIPG). The UKIPG was founded in 1977 to act as a forum for the major Professional and Regulatory Bodies in the United Kingdom.

Our key interest areas

Our key interest areas are driven by the needs of our members who support one another by sharing expertise and best practice.

Subject matter we cover includes Professional Regulation, Professional Education and Training, Continuing Professional Development, Corporate Governance, European and International Affairs, and Professional Ethics and Values.

Nonetheless, this list isn’t exhaustive, we are a responsive organisation and organise events and provide briefings on emerging issues.

How we are funded

Professions Together is financed by subscriptions from members’ bodies. To join click here or email professionstogether@gmail.com for further information.

How are we governed

We are governed by a management team whose names are set out below. The management team oversees a network of Special Interest Groups. We have Special Interest Groups for CPD, regulation, Brexit…Please note these groups communicate via closed Linkedin groups which are restricted to members only.

Chair – Fiona Hellowell

Co-ordinator – Peter Swindlehurst

Administrator – Anna Rosewell


Our members

Our membership is growing as those working in the sector look to benefit from the advice and connections of an expanding network. Membership bodies come from across the healthcare, legal, financial, scientific, engineering and construction professions. Some are statutory bodies; others regulate under the terms of their Royal Charter or are representative associations.

To join click here or email professionstogether@gmail.com for further information.

You can read more about the bodies which form our membership in this section by clicking on the links to their profiles.

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Our network is growing

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